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Revenue Cases


Revenue Court Case:

Revenue Court are the court vested with the original jurisdiction to entertain suits relating to the land matters such as land records, map etc are heard by the competent authority under the various sections as specified in the TLR & LR Act. 1960 and TLR & TLR Rules 1961. Any Revenue Officer is empowered as competent authority by the TLR & LR Act. 1960 to initiate a case if he thinks that correction is needed in any land records.

In the recent past, an online portal namely, Revenue Court Case Management System (RCMS) has been developed by the NIC to administer and facilitate Revenue Court Cases promptly and in a transparent manner. Citizen can apply directly through online mode to file Revenue cases to the appropriate Revenue courts.

In this regard, the RCCMS portal has been made live and functional and all new revenue cases must be mandatorily uploaded and disposed by all concerned only through the portal from 1st January, 2021. The website shall be available @https://rccms.tripura.gov.in.