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Land Acquisition:

Land acquisition for public purpose is a continuous process. ADM & Collectors are generally vested with the powers of Land Acquisition (LA) collector.Proposals sent by the LA Collectors in complete shape comprising requisition of requiring Department, land schedule,documentary proof about placement of fund by the requiring Department are considered in the Revenue Department for issuing niotification u/s 4 of the LA Act, 1894. After expiry of statutory period proposals are sent by the LA Collestor to the Revenue Department for issuing declaration u/s 6 of the LA Act. Both these notification are required to be published in newspapers. LA proceedings reach finality after observance of all procedures contained in the LA Act, payment of awarded value to the land owners and handing over of land to the requiring Department. There is necessity of abatement of land revenue and correction of related land records immediately after finalization of LA proceedings.

LA Collectors are to obtain prior approval of the State Government before making an award when the total area of the land under proposed acquisition, covered by a single notification u/s 4 of the LA Act, 1894 exceeds 15 (fifteen) acres and approval of the aoncerned District Magistrate & Collectors, when the total area covered by a single notification does not exceed 15 (fifteen) acres. In this regard, guidelines issued from the Revenue Department vide No. F.30(13)-REV/ACQ/09 dated 05/01/2010.

Observing that LA proposals had increased manifold in recent years and most of the proposals involve very small quantum of land, guidelines have been issued from the Revenue Department Vide No. F.30(13)-REV/ACQ/09 dated 05/01/2010 for purchase of land through Purchase Committee under the Chairmanship of concerned SDM where the area of the land is less then 2 (two) acres.

No proposal should be entertained where the Department has already taken possession of the land in anticipation of acquisition.