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The objectives of the Department may be briefly pointed out below.
(a) To govern a progressive land revenue system; to maintain correct and proper land records in respect all kinds of land holdings; to implement land reforms to safeguard the interest to weaker and most downtrodden sections of the people.
(b) To render relief to the people affected by natural and other calamities like floods, cyclones, storms, draught, pest attacks, earthquake, war, fire, extremist and ethnic violence, etc; to ensure quick response towards providing relief and arranging rescue of the people hit by the aforementioned calamities; to arrange mitigation of the calamities.
(c ) To take required steps for creation and re-organization of new and existing administrative units to bring the fruits of good governance to the doorsteps of people living in rural and remote areas.
(d) To arrange acquisition of and for setting up of new projects in the State by various State / Central Government Organizations.
(e) To provide a guarantee for genuineness of registration of deeds and others instruments coming under the purview of Indian Registration Act. The department objectives again have been translated into detailed objectives of various organizations working under the Revenue Department. The Objectives of various Organisations have been briefly outlined below.

District Administration

The District Administration carries out the following activities to achieves its objective of good governance and bringing the administration to the door step of the citizens.
(i) Implementation of various provisions of TLR & LR Act and Rules.
(ii) Carrying out various activities towards disaster mitigation an relief. rescue and rehabilitation operations in post natural and other calamities and disasters.
(iii) Arrangement for acquisition of immovable property for Central / State Government organizations at a fair and a reasonable price for construction of road, cannel or other public purpose and to fix the amount of compensation of the land intended to be acquired by agreement, if possible, and if there any dispute on the amount of compensation to refer the dispute to the court of law to give finality to the decision of the court of law.
(iv) Implementation of various schemes for strengthening the revenue administration like construction of TKs, DCM Offices, SDM Offices, etc.
(v) Providing various facilities to the citizens through e governance projects like computerized land records, and various certificates like PRTC, Income, SC/ST, OBC, Survival. etc through e_subidha projects.
(vi) To bring the administration to the easy reach of the citizens particularly living in remote and difficult areas by holding Administrative Camps.
(vii) Implementation of Growth Centre projects in different parts of the State.

Land Records & Settlement

The corporate objective of Directorate of Land Records & Settlement are :
(i) Maintenance of land records and maps
(ii) Computerization of land records
(iii) Strengthening of revenue administration
(iv) Carrying out departmental publication


The main objectives of Registration Organisation are briefly mentioned below.
(a) To guarantee the genuineness of registration of deeds and other instruments.
(b) To generate additional revenue to the government exchequer
(c ) To prevent execution of unregistered documents, where registration is a statutory need

Land Reforms Cell 

The main objective of Land Reforms Cell has been to phase out the land reforms programme and to review the progress of implementation of various items of land reforms works connected therewith.